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About us

We are a scientific branding and communications company, specialising in developing creative brand engagement solutions.

We are truly unlike anyone else. Our way of working has been crafted to the needs of the healthcare industry and our impressive line of service offerings are aimed at improving brand engagement and recall.

Join us in our mission to make scientific branding interesting.

Your brands and our brains. Let's get started!


Scientific branding and communication is unlike any other form of branding. It requires knowledge of the healthcare industry and expertise in delivering tailored communication through the right channels.

At Pitchman we bring over 10 years of experience in scientific branding and communication.

We offer many specialized services for healthcare marketers to help build value and further business objectives, we work together with our clients to make a difference and achieve outstanding outcomes.

If you are a healthcare communication executive or branding manager and are looking to optimize your communication strategy and tactics, you’ve come to the right place.


2018 is the year of ‘Phygital’ experience. We understand this and blend physical and digital to create an ecosystem between the brand and the consumer. As pioneers in introducing this services in the healthcare industry our phygital solutions are aimed at enhancing physician learning experience, and establishing a better physician and patient connect.


Our Media& PR solutions are geared to offer strategic advice on the right communication channels and messaging that will resonate with your customers. And all this in the additionally complex regulatory scenario surrounding pharmaceuticals and healthcare, that requires deep vertical expertise.


With digital revolution taking place in the healthcare industry, the use of tablets is on the rise. To help you optimize this format we put the power of story to work for you by creating engaging content using the right mix of scientific knowledge and celebrity features. This helps you create a consistent and impactful communication that not only increases physician learning outcomes but also helps improve your brand perception.


Conferences play an important role in Physician Education and our conference solutions help you to increase brand visibility in the conferences. We help you engage the physicians with experiential learning while creating a strong recall for your brands.



At Pitchman, we truly believe great teams build great companies. We are always on the hunt for talented and motivated self-starters who feel they can add value and make a difference.

We also believe work can be fun. We are located in one of the most premium workspaces in Mumbai with many activities and events taking place on a regular basis including but not limited to Yoga, Salsa, Comedy Nights and Mentoring events. Did I mention Foosball and a Body Massage as well?

You may be a Sales Gun, Designing Guru, Writer or a Techie. If you are passionate about what you do and want to be part of a growing team that values ideas and people alike, we would like to hear from you.

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